Partnering with healthcare facilities

For over twenty years, EFFEDUE has positioned itself as a partner for healthcare facilities, guaranteeing specialized services for both products and equipment, with the primary goal of improving service to facility guests..  
EFFEDUE specializes in the administration of hot drinks through vending machines. The maintenance of high quality and hygiene standards is guaranteed not only through an attentive and punctual service, but also through a targeted selection of products and a thorough prevention and assistance program.   
These are the five main points of the Wellbeing Project:

1) HYGIENE: Perfect hygiene maintenance is the key to ensuring guests' health. To achieve this goal, EFFEDUE selects dedicated product dispensers that comply with European standards, ensuring full hygiene compliance.

2) CONSISTENT QUALITY: Quality is achieved only through well-managed and monitored processes, resulting in good products and services. Each vending machine has been programmed to efficiently dispense products, allowing operators maximum functionality every day.


Production lines of semi-finished products designed to adequately meet the dietary needs of facility guests. The range of beverages includes a series of semi-finished products such as instant coffee with barley, barley, skimmed and partially skimmed milk, soluble tea with and without sugar, as well as fruit infusions.


4) BENEFITS more time to for guest assistance, with tangible benefits:   
- Direct benefits: less product waste, time savings, staff optimization, maintenance of quality standards;  
- Indirect benefits: constant quality;  
- Social benefits: improvement of the relationship between the facility and its guests, greater ability to quickly respond to guest requests, reducing waiting times.

5) GUARANTEED SUPPORT: Swift resolution of any potential issues. The method includes a meticulous program of planned and designed preventive maintenance, and a precise plan of checks and verifications. Periodic internal training and specialization courses ensure that operators can promptly address any problem.

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