For over 20 years, reliability and personalized solutions have allowed EFFEDUE to become an accredited partner of the most important national and international cruise companies.

Products and Solutions

An in-house research and development team, in close collaboration with technical partners, enables Effedue to stay updated on the most innovative equipment in the market. 

We create tailor-made semifinished products (designed and constructed based on specific requirements), conduct performance tests on distribution systems, and develop custom solutions for each partner.


Thanks to them, in implementing innovative and sustainable projects, we increase the value of our offer while maintaining high-quality standards.

Our onboard staff receives constant support in all areas, such as guidelines on how to assist, training on equipment and products usage, hygiene maintenance, and quality control.

We conduct ongoing training sessions with the staff during each visit, carefully listening to their practical needs, analyzing issues, and suggesting the best strategies and solutions.

We have also established a direct HELPDESK system with onboard personnel to provide real-time assistance, both offline and online.

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